Breast Self-Exams & Body Image: From a Teenager’s Perspective

Breast Self-Exams & Body Image: From a Teenager’s Perspective

It’s our mission at Circuelle to change the way women view breast health, which begins with breast awareness. And, it’s important that we share the importance of breast self-exams with young women coming into their own views. One brave young teenager shares her view below.

I’m a seventeen year old teenage girl living in the body image obsessed world that our society has become. Before coming across Circuelle and the products it offers, the words “breast self-exam” had rarely even crossed my mind. Simply the word “breast” makes some of us teenage girls cringe absentmindedly. Why blame us? Today’s society has painted a certain body image onto us and sadly, many of us are not as comfortable with our bodies as we should be.

Circuelle is not only a breast self-exam creme, but a product that creates an important message of positive self and body image. This inspiration is critical to the health of many young women today, including myself. While it is rare for teen girls to develop breast cancer, it is still advantageous to learn to perform a self-exam at least once a month. Not only do monthly checks ensure catching abnormalities early, but regular breast self-exams starting from an early age will help teens develop healthy habits.

It is important to remind the young women in your life, whether it be friends or family, that while they may be at a low risk for abnormalities now, their risk will increase with age. If a healthy habit is developed now, it will most likely be continued throughout one’s life.

When I was first introduced to this product, I was flooded with feelings of skepticism and doubt. However, even after only the first use, I found myself surprised about how easy to use and helpful Circuelle really is.

So to our teenage girl readers, stop dreading anything to do with changes to your body, and make taking care of your breast health not only a healthy habit, but also a relaxing ritual.

Moms, I encourage you to influence these positive behaviors in your teenage daughters; you are never too young or too old to perform breast self-exams. Over time, these habits and rituals will change your daughter’s attitude towards breast health and overall self body image. Have those talks!!!

With Circuelle, young women will never have to ask the question, “What if I knew earlier?”

Start the journey towards a healthy mind, body, and life today.

Please share this with all the women in your life!

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