Graduation: A reflection on what we’ve learned

Graduation is a celebratory time. A time of moving forward. A time of reflection on what we’ve learned. A time of focusing on what we are passionate about; changing future generations.

The goals of Circuelle Foundation mirror that mindset in many aspects. Our passion to educate women about breast health in a way that will impact many generations to come is a timeless goal built on reflection and lessons learned, but also one that has that is moving forward.

We had the pleasure of working with two high school interns, guiding and educating them not only about how our business works but more importantly, watching them embrace our mission of breast health awareness by learning about and incorporating so many healthy rituals into their lives. The girls were a source of inspiration to us regularly. Their thoughts on breast health and life in general from 17 year old girl's perspective were invaluable. Complimenting the girls assertions below that they learned so much from us - we definitely believe we were the fortunate ones who benefitted from their presence and input throughout the year and are so very grateful we had the opportunity to have them in our environment.  

On their last day - they both sat down and wrote about their time with us.  Their words touched our hearts and we thought we’d share them with you.  

Hannah, 18
The mission of Circuelle is to be educated about breast health and stay healthy while living an active lifestyle. Being educated is key to knowing your body and having power. Breast self-exams should be performed regularly. I was not educated about breast self exams before and now I am aware of what to do. This internship has not only taught me a lot about health and self exams, but it has given me an incredible experience with a start up non-profit. Circuelle has an inspiring motive that has definitely influenced me and my lifestyle. I have also learned that there is a lot involved in starting a local business and advertising a brand. I have seen that the events are a great opportunity to advertise and a great way for people to become familiarized with the brand. Thank you for this opportunity!

Kamila, 18
Before I began working with the team at Circuelle Foundation for my senior externship class, I did not have much knowledge or sense of what went into creating and marketing a successful business. With Circuelle Foundation being a local non-profit, I had many opportunities to work closely with professionals that demonstrated creativity and expertise in a business setting. Mainly working with Circuelle Foundation, the many different experiences that were available to me taught me not only marketing and writing techniques for my own personal educational benefit, but also the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle by incorporating healthy rituals into your daily life.

I learned about the missions of the foundation: to raise awareness about breast health and rituals that promote healthy breasts as well as developing a healthy lifestyle in general. The promotion that the company puts forth serves to emphasize the significance education through social media, school, etc. has on people wanting to lead healthy lifestyles. I loved attending all the various promotional events and being involved in the company because it gave me an insight to what it's like working in the professional business world. Even small tasks such as packaging products really helped me appreciate all the hard work that goes into local companies. Being published on the company blog and included in a photo-shoot was an incredible experience that I cannot thank Circuelle Foundation enough for. For future interns, I honestly cannot find one thing to change. Everyone in the office was always welcoming, helpful, and guiding and every task was presented with a clear-cut purpose and goal. I'm so grateful to have had a work experience that was so much fun to be a part of.

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