Talk. Let’s “talk” about boobs.

When you get groups of girls or women together we talk. We talk about travels, plans, kids, babies, guys, food, latest crazes and more. We can spend hours on the phone, on text, at coffee shops sharing intimate information of our latest life happenings in “detail.” When there is sickness or drama there is even more to discuss and be there for our friends.

So, why should our breast health discussions be any different.

I’ll tell you why. Society has made us feel certain topics are uncomfortable to discuss. And this is crazy since breast health is so vital to us being here. About 40,290 women die from breast cancer each year. Maybe, some of it is fear. Go online and there are thousands of inspirational quotes about fear. And, yes, we’ll even talk about fear with our girlfriends.

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We fear breast cancer. That’s the bottom line. But when you fear something and do nothing, that is the problem. When you let that fear motivate you, those actions are what can ultimately help you.

So what can we do?

Talk. Yes, talk! We can talk to educate, talk for support and talk to understand our breast health. We need to start these talks at earlier ages with young women so they are comfortable and the topic isn’t awkward. Talk with family members so we truly know our family history and how it has or could affect us. Talk with our healthcare practitioners so they know our family history and help us keep up-to-date with early detection screening options. Talk with friends to learn and for support. And, talk at schools to treat breast health education the same way we treat drug and alcohol education or sex education. The more we are ahead of the curve in educating young generations to understanding our bodies, the better we are equipped to deal with breast health.

Breast health conversations should be as commonplace as we discuss brushing our teeth and oral health. A healthy ritual!

So, talk! Educate and talk about boobs!

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