• Self Care Saturday

    Self Care Saturday

    Saturday, Oct. 26, 8:30am - 2:30pm

    #Selfcare Saturday
    A Free Women’s Wellness Event

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  • Meet Amanda

    Meet Amanda

    A look into a young women's life who faced breast cancer.

    Amanda Gorski was 26 years old, the day she noticed something wasn’t right. She felt a hard lump in her breast, and knowing that wasn’t normal she called her doctor. The office staff tried to reassured her. “You’re too young to have breast cancer. You have no family history.” Despite this, Amanda was persistent in advocating for herself.

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  • Know Your Breasts™

    Know Your Breasts NEW

    "This is as 'hands-on' as you can get. I never thought I'd learn about my breasts from an interactive app. But it's really fun and educational, actually."
    - Hannah S.

    Educational app with ground-breaking mind mapping technology that allows the user to visually explore normal breast anatomy, as well as learn the early signs of possible abnormalities.

    AVAILABLE NOW to the App Store!

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The Circuelle Foundation is the only non-profit organization that has a unique focus centered
on reaching young women to help provide breast health education with healthy rituals.

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Beautiful Awareness



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Healthy Rituals

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