Circuelle Foundation and BioLucid launch a Breast Health Awareness Initiative with their Digital Health Application - Know Your Breasts™

SARASOTA, FLCircuelle Foundation™ and BioLucid™ launched its breast health awareness initiative this week with the launch of Know Your Breasts™, an interactive app that makes breast health visual, through an innovative and educational simulated breast exam experience, empowering women and healthcare professionals to increase breast awareness through the use of this ground-breaking digital application.

The interactive breast exam experience educates women to know their breasts and learn how to navigate and better understand the normal anatomy of their breasts to recognize early signs of possible abnormalities. The digitally simulated experience educates by using mind mapping technology to reinforce the healthy ritual of self breast exam, ultimately raising breast awareness, with the goal of empowering women to become their own breast health advocates, improving communication with their healthcare professional.

Circuelle Know Your Breasts app 1

Complete with full BSE instructions and interactive 3D illustrations, Know Your Breasts  app also includes visual diagrams on breast anatomy and anomalies. The most intriguing aspect, however, is how it educates through memory mapping digital technology. Users move their hand across the tablet to “feel” various parts of the breast, and uncover anatomy under the skin, through an interactive experience of self breast exam.  

“We are thrilled to collaborate with BioLucid on this Breast Health Awareness Initiative, using their ground-breaking technology to make breast health visual for women” Melissa Kirkpatrick, Founder of Circuelle Foundation, states. “If a picture says a thousand words; this app is a textbook in two minutes. It has given us the great privilege to make a real and significant impact in the advancement of breast awareness in young women through our outreach and educational programs, empowering them to embrace healthy rituals that lower breast cancer risk.”

Lawrence Kiey, CEO and Co-Founder of BioLucid states, “We are very honored and pleased to be working with Melissa and Circuelle Foundation to help raise awareness and understanding of breast cancer and breast health.”

Circuelle Know Your Breasts app 2

Know Your Breasts™ is available for use now in beta format, the appwill launch on iTunes this fall once approved. Circuelle Foundation will be presenting the app to healthcare professionals for their use with patients, as well as incorporating the app into the Circuelle Ambassador Educational program presented to young women in schools and other events.

About Circuelle Foundation: Circuelle Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to change the way future generations view and learn breast health. The Foundation developed a Circuelle Ambassador Education Program launching at campuses nationwide Fall 2015, to support its breast awareness and breast health education mission. Circuelle Foundation will be creating partnerships with local schools, community organizations, national associations and universities, offering its Circuelle Ambassador Program, it’s Beautiful Awareness for Healthy Rituals: aGuide to Breast Health, coupled with an exciting and ground-breaking technology Know Your Breasts digital breast health initiative.

About BioLucid:BioLucid is a technology company specializing in digital health located in Sarasota, Florida. In collaboration with health institutions and technology companies, BioLucid is revolutionizing the way health will be communicated and understood with a very clear purpose of helping to improve patient lives. They are focused on making digital health all about YOU.

Available now on the App Store!

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