Healthy Rituals

Make Time to #Play

So many of us our consumed by our busy lives, leading us to believe that there is no time left to play. It’s often one of the first things that we give up when others need us. “Me time”...

Just #Breathe

Breathing, an action that comes natural to us. It is something we don’t stop to think and tell ourselves to do. But what if you did? Would you think about breathing more if you knew it would take an...

Languages of #Love

L-O-V-E, four simple letters that can mean so much. But many can question, what really is the true meaning of love? It is #love, an intense feeling of deep affection or #love, to feel a romantic or sexual...

Relax and #Rejuvenate

Re·ju·ve·nate: to make someone feel young, healthy or energetic again. To give new energy to something. Do you need to hit the refresh button? Experiencing a lot of long days of work...

#Move For A Better Life

The days of being a couch potato are over. It’s time to get up and start moving. Exercise is one of the most important and beneficial things you can do for your body. A regular exercise routine goes...

Keep Calm and #Nourish Your Body

Quick, make a decision: drink a can of soda everyday and increase your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and possibly breast cancer -or- choose water and live a healthier lifestyle? You are the only one...

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