4 Reasons To #Create Something Today

Many question if they can define themselves as a creative person. “Well I can’t draw, so I am not creative”. That is a false statement.

There are so many ways to be creative. It can range from painting a picture, taking photos, writing a blog, cooking, or even putting a business plan together.

Everyone has their own way to be creative. Carlin Flora wrote in an article in Psychology Today, “Buying into a limited definition of creativity prevents many from appreciating their own potential.” The connection between creativity and overall well being has been supported by multiple sets of research. Here are a few reasons why:

Laugh On
Today’s society is so work based. And work brings on stress. When you are doing something fun, like being creative you reduce your stress. You forget about what is happening at work and enjoying something different. Getting into the flow of something else, focus your mind in one place. Less stress equals more happiness and more smilies.

Boost Self Confidence
Being creative can often mean trying something new. When you try something new and succeed, you feel better about yourself. Creatively also allows you to express yourself.  When you’re being creative, you’re boosting your self confidence by expressing yourself freely.

Works the Brain
Doing a creative activity, stimulates the brain. Essentially, the more creative tasks or projects you work on, the sharper your brain gets. And the more you use your brain, the longer you’ll enjoy strengthened cognitive ability. Being creative is very beneficial at all ages, but creativity is especially beneficial for the older generations. Various studies have published long lists of the advantages of the elderly using their creativity to battle dementia and other cognitive diseases. But being creative is always beneficial for any age.


“Me Time”
The time where you can be most creative is often when you are by yourself. Without any distractions, your mind will have more room to explore. This is a great time for you to relax and #rejuvenate. It is important to take time out of the day for yourself and do something for you.

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