7 Reasons to Become a Circuelle Ambassador

1. Know Yourself
Before you can educate others you have to educate yourself. Becoming an ambassador provides a learning experience that is hands on and personal. The powerful women of the Circuelle Team each bring a different piece of knowledge with their own story and experience. You will become aware and comfortable with knowing your body and particularly your breasts. Maintaining breast health begins with gaining knowledge about them and knowing impact this knowledge will have throughout your life.

2. Empower Others
Whether it’s through a social, educational school program or provided health services, you can create your own effective way to spread the message of breast health and beautiful awareness. There is no better feeling than helping, educating and empowering women to take a stance on their health!

3. Healthy Rituals
You will learn simple rituals to incorporate into your regular routines that help lower your risks of breast cancer. These include, move, nourish, breathe, play, love, create, rejuvenate and educate. The Circuelle Ambassador Program gives practical ways of breast cancer prevention that anyone is capable of learning and practicing.

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4. Community Service
As an ambassador, becoming involved in the community is crucial. Whether it’s your school community or your city community, our program finds the importance of bringing people together and benefitting everyone as one. You will earn community service hours if desired!

5. Be a Part of The Next Big Thing
The Circuelle Foundation has developed a Know Your Breasts App that gives women a hands on interactive experience of giving a breast self-exam. This is revolutionizing the understanding of self-exams, anatomy and breast cancer prevention.

6. Be Exposed to New Things
The Circuelle Foundation focuses on Healthy Rituals and Beautiful Awareness, but also includes many other unique habits to benefit your health, such as Dry Brushing to improve your lymphatic system. We are continually absorbing new information and expanding our knowledge.

7. Share Your Own Beautiful Awareness
You can share your own story and message to inspire others. We value everyone’s background and encourage everyone to practice what makes them feel beautiful. You can share healthy rituals, awareness and promotion through social media!

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