9 Healthy Rituals for Beautiful Awareness

Circuelle Foundation polled various women and resources to determine how women define “healthy rituals”. Further details were collected to see visuals of these healthy habits. From this exercise, Circuelle determined there were 9 common areas women saw as healthy rituals.






Almost always the first category women automatically think about for healthy rituals is exercising. It’s commonly discussed and known that getting exercise can benefit your health in many ways. It helps with cardio, weight, stress, blood pressure and more. Many women walk, do yoga, run, play tennis or golf, rock climb, dance and more. MOVE. Its good for you and its healthy!

Another area women know helps their bodies stay healthy is to NOURISH it with healthy food choices. Getting the right balance of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, poultry, fish and low-fat dairy products has been linked with a lower risk of breast cancer. And those “green” teas filled with antioxidants can be downright “yummy”!

Many women mentioned that some of their healthy habits include taking time to themselves in a serene setting, simply BREATHING. Our very lives begin and end with breath. Healthy breathing has been proven to improve our immune system function, support proper blood circulation to our organs and limbs, calm chronic anxiety, help lymphatic fluid circulate and cleanse toxins, improve our mental and cognitive abilities, and increase feelings of nurturing and self-acceptance.

PLAY is on the list too and is (just plain) good for the soul! We need to work more play into our busy lives. It is scientifically proven that laughter really is good medicine. It helps us let go of worry and stress and when we let go of stress, we feel, think and act with more clarity and conviction in every area of our lives. Much of our play gets us outside and fresh air is helpful to our health. The women we polled play with their children, their dogs, did handstands, and more. Play teaches us to use our imagination, be creative, be cooperative, problem solve, and how to be a good friend.

Whether it is viewed as a healthy ritual or just a natural part of our lives, LOVE tops the list of necessary components for living a healthy, well-rounded life. Love can be defined as self love, partnerships, friends, family, a deep connection to animals and more. We are not meant to be in this world alone. Human beings have an inherent need to both give and receive love and support for and from one another. It is this reciprocity that inspires us to grow, expand and feel joy.

Whether you know it or not, everybody is CREATIVE. It is part of our true nature.

This is why it is so important for each of us to explore parts of our personalities that we aren’t familiar with, and most especially the creative parts. Most people who push through their walls find that it just feels good to write, paint, and create. But does your creativity have a true impact when it comes to keeping you healthy? Researchers analyzed more than 100 studies about the impact of art on your health and your ability to heal yourself. The studies included everything from music and writing to dance and the visual arts. The act of writing actually impacted the cells inside patient’s bodies and improved their immune system.* Sure glad I’m writing right now!!!

Learning a new skill helps keep your brain sharp, creates a sense of accomplishment and opens you up to the “feel good” hormones in your body. Feeling good raises your happiness quotient and affects everyone around you. So EDUCATE yourself and others! Our women take classes, share and learn from each other, explore photography, quilt making, scuba diving, the latest gadget, and more… There is no right or wrong creative outlet so be brave and try something new! Strengthen those connections between parts of your brain and, while you are at it, be sure to educate yourself on your own breast health. It can make a difference!

REJUVENATE. Rest. Get quiet. Drink a healthy smoothie or a warm cup of tea. Go sit by a big tree and notice your surroundings without judgment. Put your phone down, turn off the TV and the computer. Listen to soothing music. Close your eyes and actually feel the foot massage at your next pedicure. Be willing to give you what you need to center and feel calm. It is not outside of you. Rest comes in many forms. Find one that works for you, and use it. Make the time. No excuses. Need I say more about why we need this healthy ritual?

The most vital healthy ritual we experienced was the act of BEAUTIFUL AWARENESS. The true beauty that comes from knowing our innermost self and connecting it to really getting to know our bodies. Becoming aware of our bodies, our actions, and our intentions is like waking up to a dream that finally makes sense. All of the beautiful things we want for ourselves start from within. Beautiful Awareness is when women empower themselves and begin the journey of healthy rituals for their own well-being.

Circuelle Foundation Mission: To empower and educate women to know their breasts, support healthy breast rituals, and feel comfortable with their body.

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