A Happy and Healthy You

A Happy and Healthy You

Us bright eyed, bushy tailed young people feel like a million bucks even when our bodies are full of a million yucks…PROBLEM! In a high school or college kid’s mind, for the most part, eating organic and using chemical free products is not a priority…heck it probably has not even crossed their mind! They are probably thinking more on the terms of “Why use money on expensive veggies and fruits when you can eat 50 cent Ramen Noodles and then have more to spend on fun.”

I personally have so many friends who think like this. Although they did not necessarily gain the Freshman 15, I have noticed them begin to drag and their sparkle fade. Putting a ton of crap into your body may not physically be noticeable but –Listen up if the previous talk sounds like you- it makes your body VERY unhappy.

Here is the thing, when you’re young and think you are hot shit, especially in college, you ignore the lack of morning poos and lack of energy. Instead you continue to party with your friends and eat fast food because you do not have enough time, or patience to cook a nice meal. This messes up your entire body. Think of it like this, our bodies only want natural and clean ingredients; what we are meant to digest. When we throw in chemicals and excess bad stuff (Sodium, the wrong fats, or really just too much of anything) those nasty ingredients start brewing inside of us while we work overtime to get them out!

Now I am not saying this as a health fiend who wants to change your entire way of being this instance. But I do want to communicate that taking care of yourself is not as hard as you may think and it is SO worth it. With this said, I also am not putting myself on a pedestal and telling you to be like me. I am rather sharing the opposite; I want to show you how simple it is to be the best and happiest you.

When I eat junk my body feels like a gelatinous blob. It is not that I look any different, I just feel like crap and it affects my entire persona. I get into a junk funk where all I want to do is eat even more bad food and vegetate. This is the worst feeling in the world. I prefer to live my life with my body aligned: with exuberant skin, shiny eyes, and feeling delicious. How great does that sound?!

So what should you do?

Here are a few beginning steps to feeling like not just a million bucks but a billion bucks! You need to start eating clean, unprocessed, organic foods. Cut the chemicals and artificial foods out and your body will thank you. Now this is what you should eat MOSTLY, when you are in the mood for that piece of pizza eat it…just don’t do that every day! Take this clean idea to your products too, use organic sunscreens, toothpastes, and deodorants. Putting chemicals on your body is just as bad as in your body because the skin sucks those chemicals right into you. Next step is get moving, may that be taking a walk, playing volleyball, going surfing, or hitting the gym. Just get out and be active. Also, make sure to give your body time to rejuvenate and refresh; relax, do some yoga, read a book, paint. If you take your head away from the TV you would be surprised what you can do!

Give your body the things it needs to thrive! Not only will you feel great immediately but the long term effects on your body will be amazing: less diseases, less risk of cancer, more energetic, the list goes on and on. Take this October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and begin your start to a happy and healthy you ultimately reducing your risk of breast cancer for future you! #BeautifulAwareness #Healthy Rituals

A Happy and Healthy You
A Happy and Healthy You

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