An Inner Soul of Light for Breast Health

An Inner Soul of Light for Breast Health

Every now and then you meet someone whose story, inner soul, and words have such an impact on you. Sharon Clark is on a life mission to empower women and spread the word on the

importance of breast self-exams.

It saved her life and she openly shares her story to save people’s lives.

Sharon Clark, postmaster of the Carl Junction Missouri post office, has beaten cancer not once, but twice. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 1982 (found during a check-up while she was pregnant), and five years later she developed breast cancer. She found the lump herself during a breast self-exam in the shower. This was in the late 80s and “you just didn’t talk about breast self-exams, cancer, or mammograms” Sharon says.

Sharon knows the feelings the whole experience had on her and says, “if one person reads this story, does a breast self-exam, and doesn’t feel alone… it’s so worth it.” Her marriage ended because of her fight with cancer and she had a 5 year old to take care of with her as the sole provider for her family. She felt alone. Today she is in remission and passionately spreads the word, encouraging women to do breast self-exams.

Every October she helps “paint the town pink” and shells out money from her own pocket for breast cancer events. Her post office sold more Breast Cancer Awareness stamps than any post office in the entire nation. Sharon said, “It is a lot of work! And every time I question if it is worth it, someone approaches me and says it saved their life!” There’s her answer.

Sharon states, “Cancer doesn’t know age. And no one knows your body better than you. It may feel weird doing a breast self-exam, but it is better than dying.”

We shared what we are doing with Circuelle and The Circuelle Foundation. She said it gave her goose bumps! We agree with Sharon Clark that breast self-exams are so important. Share this story with the women in your life.

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