Begin the New Year with Beautiful Awareness

Begin the New Year with Beautiful Awareness

We at Circuelle™ have a mission to empower and educate women to know their breasts, to support a healthy breast ritual, and feel comfortable with their body. We want to help women with an easier and more effective way to perform breast self-exams. Why? For early detection. It can make a difference. What if you knew earlier?

“When caught early, the 5-year survival rate for breast cancer is greater than 92%.”

Circuelle challenges you to start the new year with a healthy ritual and help us spread the word about Beautiful Awareness™.

Women can have Beautiful Awareness in many ways. It starts within. Know and see the beauty of yourself and your body. With breasts it includes knowing your family history, knowing screening options,knowledge about genetic testing, BrCA and more. And, most importantly, knowing YOUR breasts. You have two wonderful tools to aid you. Your hands—each with the power of touch. We believe all women need to add this healthy ritual to their beauty routine.

You don’t have to be an expert in knowing what to do. You just need to be comfortable to feel your breasts and know what is normal for you. That way if you feel something different, you can take that information to your doctor or healthcare professional.

Find 3 women you care about. Tell them about Beautiful Awareness and Circuelle. And ask them to share the word with 3 more women. Being aware of our bodies is so important. We hope The Circuelle Foundation™ and Breast Ritual Crème™ begin your healthy breast ritual. We believe it is one of the most valuable gifts we can give ourselves and to everyone we love.

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