Relax and #Rejuvenate

Re·ju·ve·nate: to make someone feel young, healthy or energetic again. To give new energy to something.

Do you need to hit the refresh button? Experiencing a lot of long days of work followed by a long to do list at home? We all know life can get a little hectic. When you have long and rough days, taking time to relax and #rejuvenate may be the key to keep you going. Whether it is ten minutes of downtime or an hour of meditation, remember that you it’s beneficial for your mental being and your overall health to take time out from the everyday bustle. Try one of these four simple #healthyrituals that will help you #rejuvenate your mind, body and soul:

Get In Touch With Nature
Sitting in an office can keep the day dragging on. Take a break and enjoy the fresh air. Try eating your lunch outside, or just sit and soak up the sun. Clear your mind and listen to what is around you. This simple act can be very grounding for many individuals in need of a quick de-stress moment.

Wind Down
Close the door, turn off the lights and shut your eyes. Put your phone on “do not disturb” or turn it off completely. You could even place a do not disturb sign on your door. Bring a mat and leave it in the office for a comfortable place to mediate. During your lunch break or in between meetings and emails, sit back and clear your mind. You’ll begin to feel yourself unwind almost immediately.



Get Up and #Move
You probably think getting up for a walk will tire you out more, but it will actually have the opposite affect. When you are moving, your body delivers oxygen to your lungs and heart. When your lungs and heart are working more efficiently, you will be left feeling more energized. Throw on those tennis shoes and walk during your lunch break. Or ask a colleague to forgo the traditional sit-down office meeting, instead opting to have a “walking meeting” to discuss your weekly projects.

"Shake It Off, Shake It Off"
Roll down the windows, turn up the music and sing your heart out. Singing is a great way to release all that frustration and loosen up after a long day. Get your heart racing and sing away your annoyances.

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