Summertime is here. Be sure to put on your sunscreen and NOT chemicals before you go outside!

By Emmie Steig

Wait, what? Fourth of July is coming up and how many of you are going to lather on sunscreen while hanging out by the pool and barbecuing?
Let me guess, you are putting it on to prevent burning, maybe so you won’t get wrinkles when you’re older, or maybe you have a family history of skin cancer and want to reduce your risk. All valid reasons, for sure!
You’re thinking ”I want to protect my body!!!!” and your mind is in the right place. But, I bet you didn’t know you are being counterproductive, that is, unless you take this simple step:

Use organic sunscreen!

Sunscreens are filled with chemicals like octyl-methoxycinnamate, bexoblahblahblah, and a bunch of other long names that make your brain hurt when you try and pronounce them. These chemicals may absorb UV rays and prevent them from hurting your skin BUT those sneaky guys are being absorbed into your body and are messing up your hormones. The chemicals disrupt your hormone levels, for example estrogen. When estrogen levels are high, it actually feeds cancer cells and helps them to grow and reproduce.

In Short:

Bad chemicals in sunscreen = Unhappy body which can = Cancer

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So what should you do? You need to be using sunscreen that is natural; sunscreen that is free of these nasty chemicals.
Grateful Naturals has just the answer; An organic sunscreen, SPF 35. Grateful Naturals was started by Monica Mayer to create “wholesome products with ingredients you can actually pronounce.”
Not only do their products get the job done, but they also feel good going on. Their pure, natural sunscreen formula keeps your body happy & healthy with ingredients like almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, beeswax, shea butter, Non-nano Zinc Oxide, and essential oils of: carrot seed and raspberry.

Everyone here at Circuelle Foundation has tried and loves Monica’s Sunscreen. It comes in a stick form of two sizes: one for your big body parts, and a smaller size for your face - and perfect for your purse or car. And, it’s safe enough to use on your baby! Now that says something. So come on ladies, keep your body balanced while protected from sun!

Check out Grateful Naturals website, Get the deodorant here!

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