Our Impact - breast cancer stories
Our Impact - breast cancer stories
Our Impact - breast cancer stories

Our Impact

personal journeys

Circuelle has reached over 500,000 women with the Beautiful Awareness message!

Kamila's Story

Young Women
Breasts. Boobs. Sex. Vagina. Why is it that people read these words as if they have never heard of them before? Why is this body-relating terminology so taboo in our society? At the age of seventeen and being a...

Detra's Story

Mammogram Scare
After waking up a few nights in a row with a bit of pain or aches in my breasts I decided it was time to go to the doctor for my first mammogram. My new doctor was surprised that I had never had one done previously....

Jeffrey's Story

His Story

Jeffery Kin is Artistic Director at the Players Theater in Sarasota, Florida. A lifelong thespian, Jeffery encountered an experience like none other the day his mother called and told him she had been diagnosed...

LeeAnne's Story

My Empowering Moment
I have spent 20 years of my life as a Yoga Instructor. The mind, body, spirit connection has been at the foundation of my every move. And, I do my very best to walk my talk. Years ago, a yoga student came to me and...

Amanda's Story

Amanda Gorski was 26 years old, the day she noticed something wasn’t right. She felt a hard lump in her breast, and knowing that wasn’t normal she called her doctor. The office staff tried to reassured her....

Lissette's Story

Her Story
Lissette Callejas is a talented 26 year old business woman with an impressive interior design portfolio. After learning about our mission at Circuelle Foundation Lissette shared her own story with us. Moved and...

Tammy & Dustin

A Mother & Son
Mother-Son duo Tammy Windham and Dustin Lunsmann have been through alot together. Their loyalty to one another and to their family is obvious and touching. We met Dustin at our photo shoot for our new website as his...

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