Our Impact - breast cancer stories
Our Impact - breast cancer stories
Our Impact - breast cancer stories

Jeffrey's Story

His Story

Jeffrey's Story

Jeffery Kin is Artistic Director at the Players Theater in Sarasota, Florida. A lifelong thespian, Jeffery encountered an experience like none other the day his mother called and told him she had been diagnosed with a breast malignancy.

Intelligent, creative, and typically resourceful, Jeffery felt confused, frustrated and uninformed as he and his mother naively navigated the new world of doctors offices, cancer jargon and hospital wards. As a result, Jeffrey makes one thing very clear: communication is key. An advocate of talking about what is going on, he emphasizes the importance of constant communication on every level with everyone involved, both personally and professionally.

His experience led him to create a beloved series of one minute plays focused on the sometimes ludicrous, sometimes profound moments that a newly diagnosed patient goes through and how it affects them and the people who love them. The “Got A Minute” series dedicated to breast cancer awareness had a successful 5 year run and all proceeds went to programs focused on helping eradicate cancer. Jeffrey’s mom is now healthy and cancer-free and we are honored that he has taken the time to share his story with all of us.

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