Our Impact - breast cancer stories
Our Impact - breast cancer stories
Our Impact - breast cancer stories

Lissette's Story

Her Story

Lissette Callejas is a talented 26 year old business woman with an impressive interior design portfolio. After learning about our mission at Circuelle Foundation Lissette shared her own story with us. Moved and motivated to educate, we asked her if she would be willing to share it with you.

As a Puerto Rican woman with strong ties to her family, especially her mom and sisters, Lissette explains how many of the woman in the generation before her have been diagnosed and subsequently endured treatment for several different forms of cancer related to the female anatomy including but not limited to breast cancer. Most were diagnosed at early ages, thus the generations before and after experienced the trauma along with them.

This is an important topic for the women and the men in Lissette’s family and taking care of themselves and one another, particularly around this issue, is a priority. Lissette is a bright light with a gentle yet powerful message about the need for education, open communication and being self-responsible when it comes to your health. Her ultimate message: Educate, educate, educate. Know your own body where it is obviously available to you and perform your own breast self exams. We are honored to share her experience with you.

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