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Circuelle Foundation is leading the way to educate and empower women to embrace breast awareness through healthy rituals. Our programs speak to today’s generations and the needs of women all ages.
Digital Health program “Know YOUr Breasts”

Digital Health program “Know YOUr Breasts”

With our digital health partner, Circuelle Foundation is leading the way young women and healthcare professionals will discuss and educate women about breast health. We’re building an interactive experience and apps to communicate and amplify the message to create a better understanding of YOUR breast health. (Coming Fall 2015)

School-centered education program “Beautiful Awareness”

School-centered education program “Beautiful Awareness”

With the EARLY Act law in affect, Circuelle Foundation is adding breast health to school curriculum. Our school-centered education program, “Beautiful Awareness” is tailored for high schools and college campuses to help educate young women about their breast health. The goal of the program is for young women to embrace healthy rituals that will positively affect their overall breast health. This program also educates women to better understand family genetics, early detection and breast awareness.

Social Media Outreach

Social Media Outreach

Circuelle Foundation addresses healthy rituals, body image, and breast self-exams to speak to today’s generation of empowered women. Our campaigns and informative posts span Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. No matter the age, we share the message of Beautiful Awareness. Our campaigns have reached over 500,000 women and growing!!

Reduce Your Risk

Reduce Your Risk

From regular exercise to wise eating to stress reduction, Circuelle Foundation is committed to teaching how to reduce the risks for breast cancer.

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“Teachers and Moms, I encourage you to get involved to influence these positive healthy habits in your teenage daughters.”
Kamila was convinced after learning from the Beautiful Awareness program that “these healthy rituals will change your daughter’s attitude towards her breath health and overall body image.”

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